Bristol Fruit Market is made up of a number of wholesale fruit, vegetable and flower suppliers that ensure Bristol’s restaurants and shops and other food businesses have access to the finest fresh produce from around the world.

Based in St Phillips Marsh, the market is a hive of activity during the week, when 100s of buyers from local restaurants, pubs, hotels, schools, and greengrocers are on the hunt for the best produce for their customers and recipes.

 The produce comes in directly from farms and includes some dry goods and dairy products, as well as almost any fresh fruit, vegetable or salad product imaginable.

We only sell in large quantities, but if you’re throwing a party or catering for a large event, come and take a look. 




The earliest recorded date of an organised Wholesale Fruit & Vegetable Association in Bristol is 1917, when the market would have been in St Nicholas Street, along Baldwin Street and all along Welshback.

The market moved to its current location in St Phillips in 1968, and while its clientele and produce has changed over the years, it continues to supply food businesses in Bristol and the surrounding area with quality fruit and vegetables.